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Whether you own a car, truck or tractor: we have the best equipment and software for tuning your petrol and diesel engine. With our chiptuning tools it is possible to easily read out the original engine software of your vehicle and upload it to our website. And then it's up to us to provide you with high-quality and customized chip tuning files. Curious about our range of chiptuning tools? Check it out via the button below!

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Bestseller New Genius SLAVE TOOL


€ 500,00
Recommended MyChiptuningfiles Flasher Tool (Autotuner)

MyChiptuningfiles Flasher Tool (Autotuner)

€ 2.900,00
Combideal Autotuner & Trasdata

Combideal Autotuner & Trasdata

€ 4.690,00

On the left side of the dashboard you will find the menu, here are a number of important pages. First, the 'credit' page. On this page you can choose whether you want to purchase master or save credits. In addition, you can immediately request a new request for a file. When the file is ready, you can find the file under the page 'download tuning file'.

If you have any questions, you can request a ticket at the 'support' page and we will answer it as soon as possible.


What are credits? At MyChiptuningfiles we use a credit system. On your personal dashboard you will arrive at the overview under the page 'credits'.

A distinction is made between Master or Slave credits. The more credits you purchase, the cheaper they become.


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