BMW tuning at a premium level

BMW has built up a great reputation in the tuning scene. The standard already sporty character of the German automobiles from Bavaria (head office in Munich) appeals, among other reasons, to countless fans of chiptuning. Consequently, the smooth undertones of each model are further highlighted and the focus is automatically on the powerful DNA of this world-famous premium brand. Which BMW or Bimmer driver wouldn't want that?


Chiptuning for every BMW model and version

Chiptuning a BMW is like triggering a hungry cheetah out hunting with food. For example, we let an E90, E60, E30, E46, 125i, 135i, 335i petrol and 330d, 335d, 420d, 435d, 520d, 530d, 535d and 640d diesel take off even faster than the general standard. Of course, a powerful engine block is not a must for BMW tuning. A more modest Audi 116i, 320i, 118d, 120d, 123d, 125d, 318d or 320d can also be treated to a power boost.

A BMW M3 or BMW M5 do not seem to need a lot of extra power. But it's fun all the same. And so these power-hungry cars are also welcome to be subjected to rigorous HP tactics. Our motto? We pick up where BMW Performance Parts stops. From BMW X5 to Z4. And everything in between. Including the X1 and Z3.


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Why would you remap a BMW?

We sometimes hear people say that you shouldn't take risks with something that is already good. Yes and no. Because if it is your speciality to assess the potential of a car and you know in a very professional way how to use that potential to the max, why would you let yourself be held back? BMW lives and breathes the spirit of athleticism, we live and breathe remap software upgrades. Put the two together and you benefit from being able to drive with even more pleasure than other BMW drivers.

As a result, our remap files guarantee more engine power, higher torque, more powerful performance, improved driveability and a smoother response to the accelerator pedal. That way, acceleration will be associated with a wider smile than ever before. And what about lower fuel consumption and cleaner emissions? You read that right: we know how to combine power with efficiency. And that's good for your wallet.


Problem-solving features for the ECU

The changes we make to the engine management system (also known as ECU, your car's computer), are readily associated with more speed, especially in combination with a brand like BMW. But it also makes the car more supple, especially when accelerating from a lower rev range. At least as comforting is the fact that our chiptuning files are frequently used to repair engine failures. Because even a modern BMW is no stranger to error codes. If the software ex-factory or from another provider is causing the problem and a solution needs to be found quickly and made to measure, chiptuning by MyChiptuningfiles is a perfect option. If not the only option.


Chiptuning efficiency means savings

ECU / Engine (re)mapping is popular with BMW fans, just as lease drivers are fans of BMW. So these two go well together. Moreover, with BMW tuning you are also rewarded with more efficient fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. That should appeal to both the boss and the BMW lease driver. When you are both, the advantages are twice as much. How about a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) that is drastically reduced thanks to chiptuning?


BMW-worthy chiptuning quality calls for bespoke work

Meanwhile, we want the high quality that BMWs are known for to remain in place. Software that seamlessly fits your specific BMW engine is therefore an absolute must. After all, if the chiptuning files do not speak the language of the engine management and/or vice versa, then you run the risk of stalling when accelerating, engine damage or even complete failure. In short, customisation is the magic word when it comes to making your powertrain more powerful and efficient! Moreover, with us, you get a lifetime guarantee as well. What are you waiting for?


Always a BMW tuning specialist nearby

Don't hesitate and always go for BMW quality where chiptuning files are concerned!

 If you opt for MyChiptuningfiles, you automatically choose a skilled and passionate tuning specialist with a beating BMW heart in the right place. We deliver a guaranteed customised service and always through a professional in your area. Nowhere else will you save thousands of euros on fuel so quickly as with us! Making an appointment is easy and can be done online within 5 minutes. We will have a spot reserved for you in one of the garages nearby in no time.

Do you work at or own one of these garages and would like to work with us? We work with partners all over the world and are always open to expanding a solid network of chiptuning specialists. Join us today and take advantage of a successful formula that has already served over 19,000 customers from all over the world to their complete satisfaction!


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