WinOLS is a program specially designed to rewrite the memory of an ECU. It makes searching and finding maps easier. These can then be named, viewed and modified in various ways. Various functionalities are available to adjust the data.

All data and maps are stored in project files. These project files contain all information that has become known during the editing of a particular controller. Other data, such as customer name, license plate number and photo files can be added.

How it works


Text / 2D / 3D
Automatic overview
Automatic map search
Extensive editing functions
Many configuration options
Many built-in import formats
Export projects
Use of external hardware
Allows plugins to calculate checksums
Many import plugins
OLSx export / Mass export
+ 250 credits

Features of WinOLS

A quick overview of all the features.

Why opt for MyChiptuningfiles?

  • Daily updates with the latest files
  • Dyno quality
  • 24 hours FREE access
  • More than 15,000 files available on our server
  • Developed and tested on our 4x4 dynamometer
  • Stage 1 file - Limited Map Packs with detailed description
  • File on request is possible with our manual individual file service
  • Different files available (Stage 1, 2, 3, DPF off, EGR off and more)

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Support possible for the latest hardware, such as BDM 100, BSL100 and OLS300. Also earlier hardware such as the simulator module OLS200 and Eprom-Programmer MP2440 (P) under Windows XP - Win7-32.

2D graphic or hex/decimal dump

The display of the raw data is available in 2D graphic or hex/decimal dump. The automatic processor detection distinguishes between program and data areas.

Functions effectively

Field search functionality as well as automatic data entry facilitate efficient work.

2D/3D chart or table

Maps are easily displayed in 2D/3D graphs or tables.

Auto search

A function for automatic search in ECU and software numbers.

Integrated checksum correction

The idea of the integrated checksum correction has been continued. By using DLL files, the algorithms have been removed from the main program. This makes them independent of the version used.

Import and export of binary files

Import and export of binary files, Intel and Motorola hex files. All types are compressed, coded and can be wire-swapped. They can be sent directly by mail.