MyChiptuningfiles offers a responsive iFrame that you can easily implement on your own website. This iFrame contains our complete database of tuning specifications. This allows you to offer your customers all the tuning information they need for their vehicle. And the biggest advantage of iFrame? It is updated daily and can be easily integrated on your own website.

iFrame integration

MyChiptuningfiles' iFrame makes it possible to offer your visitors tuning specifications directly on your own website. In other words, it is a simple solution to fulfill the information needs of your customers by providing them with tuning information about their vehicle.

Beforehand, you can choose from two colours to reflect your corporate identity in the iFrame. All you need to do to use the iFrame is copy the code. Once you've done this, you can immediately start using the MyChiptuningfiles iFrame and offer your visitors a complete database of tuning specifications.

The benefits of iFrame integration

  • You are free to choose the location of the iFrame on your website
  • Completely adaptable to your corporate identity
  • Easy to implement
  • Daily updates

Easy to integrate

We offer seamless website integration that either you or your web developer can easily install in minutes.


It is possible to adjust the text and design of your website for a unique look and feel, without any feedback to MyChiptuningfiles.

Logo or text brand

In the description of each file you can - just like us - automatically use your own text and logos of car manufacturers.

Up to date

Your website is automatically updated with the latest car data via our database.

Database access

Our iFrame gives you access to the latest brands, models, versions, engines, standard data and Stage 1 and Stage 2 modifications.


Complete with all the features you need and, most importantly, ...

We offer a free and a paid version

When purchasing an iFrame, you can choose from two options: a free or paid version.

The advantage of the free version is as the name suggests: it is completely free. However, with the free version, the URL of MyChiptuningfiles is displayed at the top and bottom of the iFrame.

The above is not the case with the paid version of the iFrame. The paid version displays the URL of your own website. We offer this version in the form of a subscription. This means that you can purchase the iFrame for a period of one year. Alternatively, it is also possible to subscribe on a monthly basis.

Both versions can be adjusted to your liking. For example, think of your preferred language, use of colours and fonts. It is very easy to implement the iFrame on your website. Unsure whether an iFrame is suitable for your website? In addition to the iFrame, we also offer an API that is easy to implement on your website. Want to make things even easier? Then simply use our very own API Wordpress plugin.

Are you interested in using the MyChiptuningfiles iFrame? Choose the most suitable version for your website and immediately start reaping the benefits!

Easy to integrate

The implementation of the iFrame is quick and easy. As soon as you have ordered your iFrame and told us your preferences, we will set up the iFrame completely according to your liking. You will then receive an HTML code from us that you can implement directly. You can then start providing your visitors with a complete database, including all tuning specifications: perfect for attracting more traffic to your website!

How to get started

You can fully rely on our service. Quality and customer satisfaction are always number one at MyChiptuningfiles. Have you decided to use our database? Then follow these three simple steps.


Subscribe to our service safely using PayPal or iDEAL.


Read our documentation to integrate and use the iFrame in your system.

iFrame Integration

Integrate our iFrame into your website and use our database directly for your customers.

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