Fiat tuning: small cars, great potential

Fiat tuning is often not the first association that comes to mind when talking about fast cars. Nevertheless, the popular Italian brand turns out to be extremely suitable and coveted when it comes to chiptuning.

The reason is twofold: first of all the compact Fiat models are a lot of fun to drive, because of their agility and easy handling. Making it perfect for steering in a sporty way. The other reason is that chiptuning not only provides more power, but greater efficiency too. In other words: the car becomes cleaner and more economical. And Fiat just happens to be the brand that excels in this.


From Fiat Panda to Fiat Multipla tuning

Whether or not it is compact and economical, there's always room for improvement. Even for a Fiat! Take Fiat Panda tuning for example: this little one has a surprising amount of scope, both in the interior and under the bonnet. The economical 2 and 4 cylinder engines are very modest in terms of fuel consumption and embrace a cleaner living environment thanks to their minimal CO2 emissions. This characteristic is further enhanced by chiptuning, while at the same time you benefit from more power and likewise acceleration. Some other models that we have a lot of (good!) experience with are the Fiat 500, Fiat Seicento, Fiat Cinquecento, the Barchetta, Bravo and more. The most notable hype is still definitely Fiat Multipla tuning, whereas the Fiat Panda 100HP is, in our opinion, the cherry on the cake. 100 HP on a weight of 950 kg is, of course, very nice, but wait until we have given this little bombshell a software upgrade!


Why choose MyChipTuningfiles

  • 100% custom made tuning file guarantee;
  • Tested and developed on a Maha testbench;
  • Best possible performance and results, within the safety margins;
  • Decrease of fuel consumption.

Custom-built software for more Fiat fun

No matter which Fiat we tune, all of them will drive more smoothly and comfortably in actual practice. The cars will pick up speed quicker in the lower rev ranges and they will have a slightly better throttle response than ‘normal.' The result is a gain in torque, faster acceleration and potentially a higher top speed. Combine these characteristics of ECU remapping or engine mapping with a lower fuel consumption and ditto emission values, and Fiat chiptuning should become the 'standard'. In short, get (even) more fun out of your Fiat with customised adjustments to your engine management system from!


Chiptuning fixes engine issues

Is chiptuning not an appropriate choice for a modest brand like Fiat? Rest assured: the Italian car maker is capable of thinking big enough to turn something small into something fine instead of something fragile. So, the engines can really handle a bit of (extra) power. Moreover, it is worth remembering that chiptuning is also an excellent way of fixing malfunctions that are caused by software that originates from the factory itself! You could say that also the Fiat driver cannot ignore our chiptuning solutions. Because how wonderful is it when as a lease driver, for example, you always need to count on your Fiat and as such, error codes in the engine management basically mean not being able to work for a day?


Custom-built files + lifetime warranty = a sensible choice

If you want to keep things nice and small, it's a good idea to match the type of chiptuning to the type of car. And by this, we really mean tuning. Because we only make customised files, you can avoid any problems caused by a mismatch between the software and the engine. After all, Fiat's little ones have a huge character that will not let itself be pushed around!

Holding back while accelerating due to the power source stalling, damage to the engine and even complete failure are the nightmare of every chiptuning specialist and end user. Therefore, play it safe and choose for customised files, which include a lifetime warranty!


Maximum oomph for all customers

Do you also want to be assured of being able to be on our way quickly without having to compromise on safety and quality? Booking an appointment with one of our authorised Fiat tuning specialists near you is easy! Reserve a place online at your nearest garage within 5 minutes. It is as simple as that. Get the maximal oomph out of your Fiat with the help of the chiptuning specialists and save thousands of euros on fuel through an efficient use of your engine!

Do you work in a garage yourself and do you see our services as a plausible extension of your current work activities? If you are interested, you can become a partner of MyChiptuningfiles. If you choose to do so, you will immediately benefit from the advantages of a broader target group and a large network of satisfied customers. The counter has already passed the 19,000 mark, spread across all brands all over the world. When are you going to join our team?


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