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Volvo is popular in the world of car tuning. And rightly so: there is nothing wrong with spicing up a nice Volvo estate, sedan, hatchback, coupe or SUV. Chipping and tuning a Volvo V40 to a Volvo V60, V70, V90 and all V- S- C- and XC-models in between - with or without Volvo's characteristic five-cylinder engine, is frequently used to balance the respectable family image with the pleasure of driving. Moreover, the inventors of the estate are known for building safe, sound and qualitatively first-rate cars. And that is good to know when the power performance and torque are being cranked up.


Customised chiptuning for petrol (T2 - Polestar) and diesel (D2 - D5)

MyChiptuningfiles provides customised chiptuning software or ECU Remapping for any car brand, including Volvo. We have a soft spot for tuning Swedish models, because of their 'wolf in sheep's clothing' character. It also underlines the fact that driving a fast car can be a very safe and responsible thing to do. Or the other way around: that driving a qualitatively solid family car can be very exciting instead of a bit dull. MyChiptuningfiles has experience with and knowledge of every Volvo power source. We welcome the following models: Volvo T5, Volvo T6 and Volvo T8 plug-in hybrid engines or D3, D4 and D5 diesels. We are also happy to cater to any other letter/number combination and Polestar version.


Why choose MyChipTuningfiles

  • 100% custom made tuning file guarantee;
  • Tested and developed on a Maha testbench;
  • Best possible performance and results, within the safety margins;
  • Decrease of fuel consumption.

Why remap a Volvo?

Volvo tuning is first and foremost used in order to get more power out of the engine. We at MyChiptuningfiles call this remap 'optimising the potential'. Every power source has its own characteristics and it is up to us to get the most out of it by making the engine faster, more efficient, cleaner and more economical. In short, we get the most out of what is available.


Chiptuning as help with ECU software malfunctions

How can speed be combined with clean and economical performance? Well, it's like this: a stronger engine has less trouble getting going than it does managing to stay running. Therefore, whoever uses the accelerator more subtly uses less fuel and emits less CO2. A bonus for technicians is that the chiptuning software can be used to fix error codes and other problems in the engine management system. An example of this is fixing an EGR valve in a Volvo D3, Volvo D4, Volvo D5 or any other Volvo diesel. So, the knife cuts both ways.


Chiptuning a Volvo lease car can save money

Lease car drivers are very fond of Volvo. This is because a Volvo lease car is extremely representative, the price/quality ratio appeals, the models are well-built and they drive well. And we are able to improve on the latter by delivering more power. What's even more interesting for Volvo lease drivers is that they do not have to lease a higher class in order to get more horsepower and Newton metres. And a car that is economical with its fuel and emissions is embraced by every entrepreneur and any other business-minded driver. Because every euro counts!


Performance test bench guarantees Volvo tuning quality

At MyChiptuningfiles, we take care that the quality of a Volvo is maintained at all times. The best way to maintain the solid characteristics of a Volvo is to match the chiptuning to the DNA of the car. We customise all our software files; no file is implemented indiscriminately. This is a significant difference compared to the approach of the majority of tuning companies.

Whoever opts for cheap(er) files runs the risk that there isn't a match between the motor management and the software. This can result in short or long-term engine damage, stalling (engine stalls) or even failure. In other words: buy cheaply and you will pay dearly! Which is why you should leave the tuning to technicians who know their craft. MyChiptuningfiles has all the knowledge, skills, certifications, materials and experience to tune any Volvo for safe and responsible driving pleasure. We test the chipped ECUs by using performance test benches to guarantee quality. It's not for nothing that the warranty on our files is a lifetime one!


Chiptuning specialist at specialist garages

Have we got you interested in chiptuning your Volvo with a recognised Volvo tuning specialist? It only takes a minute to make an appointment: within 5 minutes your spot at a garage near you can be reserved online. Use our chiptuning services and immediately benefit from more performance power while saving thousands of euros on fuel in the long run!

Do you work in a garage and can see your company fitting in with our services? Become a partner of MyChiptuningfiles and enjoy the advantages of a broader target group and a large network of satisfied customers; over 19,000 to be exact! Spread across different brands and continents.


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About MyChiptuningfiles

We supply custom-made ECU tuning files for petrol and diesel engines. We do this in a reliable, affordable, effective and efficient way. Our tuning files are extensively tested to ensure that all our files are provided with the best quality and security. There's a reason why 95% of our tuning files are dyno-tested on our own dynamometer. With our chiptuning files, we provide the answer to the increasing need for optimization of engine technology. Our chiptuning files provide improved power and more economical fuel consumption for all petrol and diesel engines. This guarantees better performances, more torque at lower speed and most importantly: more driving pleasure!

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