Custom-made Extensively Developed Tuning Files

MyChiptuningfiles is a specialist in tuning petrol and diesel engines for performance and fuel efficiency. We have the highest standards and can guarantee the effectiveness of our tuning files.
We have an expert team of software developers and a worldwide network of ECU programmers. They work together to fine tune ECUs for all types of cars, vans, trucks and tractors.
Our team custom edit each ECU tuning file, and then test it out on our advanced 4x4 dynamometer and on the road. This allows us to offer high-quality chip tuning files with an optimal mix of performance and fuel savings.
Every client has their own needs and expectations, so we tailor our files to your needs.
During our dyno testing, we monitor the powertrain elements and record important parameters in real time. Our diagnostic equipment lets us constantly recalibrate the turbo and fuel injection system values. In the process of fine-tuning our chip tuning files, we continuously control the fuel mixture, the turbo pressure, the inlet and outlet temperature, and the injection quantity and timing itself. We also measure the mechanical and thermal stress of the engine to make sure it will work within the safety margins of the original engine map.

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