We supply custom-made ECU chiptuning files for petrol and diesel engines. With our tuning files we offer the perfect combination of increased engine power and more economical fuel consumption. We supply our chiptuning files to garages, dealers, private individuals and even other chiptuning companies!

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High-quality custom-made chiptuning files

We specialize in making engines more powerful, faster, smoother, more economical and cleaner. We have an expert team of software developers and a worldwide network of ECU programmers who together ensure that our chiptuning files are always provided with the highest quality.

Every customer has their own chiptuning wishes and expectations. We know better than anyone that every car and driving style is different. That is why we only supply fully customized chiptuning files: after all, you want to get the most out of your car, just like us!

Our files guarantee more engine power, higher torque, more powerful performance, improved drivability and a smoother response to the accelerator pedal. That way accelerating your vehicle will be more fun than ever. And what about lower fuel consumption and cleaner emissions? You read that right: we know how to combine power with efficiency. All in order to benefit your wallet.

The quality of our chiptuning files has proven itself in several ways. All our chiptuning files are extensively tested on the road and on our advanced dynamometer. This means that we always deliver chiptuning files with the perfect combination of better performance and fuel savings.

Car companies, garages, business and private (end) users benefit from our many years of experience in the chiptuning sector. With branches, customers and knowledge all over the world. Quality and satisfaction are our number one priority. This means that all our technicians have the right certifications, skills, equipment and enthusiasm; not to mention, we offer excellent warranty on our products!

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Are you looking at things from a garage owner's perspective and do you think our philosophies are compatible? Partners of MyChiptuningfiles benefit from a broader target group and a large network of satisfied customers. There are now more than 53,000+ distributed across all makes and continents. Will you become a part of it all?

How it works

We provide high-quality and customized chiptuning software files for diesel and gasoline engines- in just 4 easy steps.


Choose tuning

Select your car and choose your tuning.

Buy your files

Complete the buying process and purchase your file.

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Upload your original file.

Download file

Download your optimized file within one hour.


Our team consists of software developers with over 15 years of experience in tuning cars, trucks, tractors and vans - and a worldwide network of ECU programmers. Together we develop optimally adapted ECUs for different types of cars, trucks, vans, tractors, ensuring a better performance and lower fuel consumption.

Our ambition? To become the best chiptuning company in the world. And we're already well on our way; with over 53,000+ happy customers. When can we welcome you? As a partner or as an end user?

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A wide range of ECU tuning

We offer Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 tuning. We also know how to solve your Vmax, DTC, EGR and DPF problems. You can even contact us if you have problems starting the car. We support all equipment and checksum software. Let us know what you are looking for and we will happily help you out!

An expert team

Our team consists of software developers with more than 15 years of experience who can provide garages, dealers, individuals and chiptuning companies with high-quality chiptuning software. The team has real expertise in chip tuning and is always up to date with the latest developments and technologies to achieve the best engine optimization.

Ongoing research and development

We strive for continuous improvement in our chiptuning files. That is why we always test for improvements in power and torque by adjusting the ECU mapping software and making measurements on our own 4x4 dynamometer.

Great customer service

Instead of an automated system, we offer personal contact and live technical support. We assist you with all your special tuning wishes and requirements.