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Opel is a frequently encountered brand in the car tuning world. This is only logical, as the Germans have a long and impressive history with models that lend themselves perfectly to chiptuning: from Opel Astra G tuning from the late 90s, to the more recent Opel Corsa D tuning from a generation ago. Every other model and build year of Opel is just as popular when it comes to chiptuning. As such, not a single segment is left out. Consider the sporty Opel Tigra or the Opel Vectra C as the ultimate family car. But we also have plenty of experience with the Opel Vivaro. Other Opel company cars, such as the Opel Combo, do at least as well.


Chiptuning for the ultimate GSi or OPC experience

Whoever says Opel, basically says GSi tuning. This stalwart version was already in service back in the days of the Opel Manta and Opel Kadett. The GSi name has been given a new lease of life with the current generation of the Opel Corsa and Opel Insignia. Even more exhilarating are the OPC versions, developed by Opel’s in-house tuner.

MyChiptuningfiles aims to honour both classic and modern GSi and OPC badges. Our custom-built chiptuning software brings out the maximum performance in every Opel. By applying ECU Remapping to every chosen model, even the less powerful ones, Opel Corsa B, Opel Corsa C, Opel Astra H and Opel Astra J tuning can be standardly considered a GSi- or OPC-worthy Opel. 'Engine management optimisation' are the magic words here.


Why choose MyChipTuningfiles

  • 100% custom made tuning file guarantee;
  • Tested and developed on a Maha testbench;
  • Best possible performance and results, within the safety margins;
  • Decrease of fuel consumption.

Why remap an Opel?

We use remapping to get the best out of the technology in a car. A factory has to take into account the requests, requirements and conditions of some of the most diverse places in the world, while we only have to concentrate on the here and now. One of the results is that we can get more power from the engine for better acceleration and a more comfortable driving experience. The power treatment also has the welcome side-effect of making the technology more economical. This has to do with the efficiency with which the power and fuel are handled. And whoever drives more economically also emits fewer emissions.

Besides being more powerful, faster, cleaner and saving fuel, remap software also fixes problems. In daily practice, mechanics regularly use our software to fix error codes and any other malfunctions in the ECU.


Opel lease car chiptuning is good for power and your wallet

Leasing an Opel is attractive for a lot of people. After all, Opel lease drivers get plenty of value for their money: the models are luxuriously equipped and make a solid impression. In short, German thoroughness, but at an affordable price. MyChiptuningfiles is able to make driving a leased Opel even more interesting: as a reward for upgrading the amount of horsepower and torque, you can drive an Opel from a higher technical category without having to pay a higher lease rate. And anyone who uses less fuel as a result is doing both themselves and their boss a favour.


Opel tuning quality proven on performance test benches

The German thoroughness of an Opel remains intact when the chiptuning is carried out by MyChiptuningfiles. We only supply software of the finest quality. Where others claim to be able to deliver matching files, we make them. Custom-made. This way you can avoid any problems in the short or long term that are caused by the ECU and tuning files not communicating with each other or not communicating properly. Because this happens very quickly if you go for B quality or less.

The chiptuning software from MyChiptuningfiles relegates any talk of malfunction, failure and engine damage to the realm of fantasy. Our professional performance test benches testify to the fact that no car leaves the garage without proven A grade quality. Why do we think this is so important? Chiptuning is all about driving pleasure; above all, it should offer more fun. Fortunately, we have the knowledge, skills, certifications, materials and experience to be able to guarantee this. Speaking of which: the warranty on the files is a lifetime one, given that the quality of the engine is of vital importance.


Chiptuning: a world you want to be part of

Would you like to know more about chiptuning your Opel at a recognised Opel tuning specialist? Make an appointment online in no time at all: it only takes us 5 minutes to book a spot at a garage near you. Make the most of our chiptuning services and get the most out of your engine, while potentially saving thousands of euros in fuel in the long run!

Do you work at a garage and can you see a match between the company and our service? Partners of MyChiptuningfiles benefit from a broader target group and a large network of satisfied customers; the counter has now reached over 19,000! Every brand and region of the world is part of it. When will you join up?


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