Mercedes tuning for connoisseurs

Mercedes-Benz and the world of car tuning have a lot in common: it's about finding the perfect balance between performance and sophistication. Chiptuning a Mercedes means refining something that is already excellent. Finely polishing a diamond by the name of Mercedes-Benz has to be done with the utmost care and expertise. Because when your workhorse turns out to be a luxury stallion, it is the finer details that make all the difference. Mercedes chiptuning from MyChiptuningfiles: the Mercedes among the Mercedes chiptuners.


From Mercedes A Class to AMG tuning

Mercedes Benz owes its universal popularity to its rich history and its stunning new models. Fans of power and speed know the brand from the models developed by house tuner AMG. Our goal: to make every Mercedes AMG-worthy, by making Mercedes A Class, Mercedes CLA and also Mercedes AMG tuning possible, for instance. Because why wouldn't you send a muscle car back to the gym again?

No matter how popular it is, a Mercedes-Benz will never be a one-size-fits-all car. Every Mercedes is unique. And that's how we approach all of the models of the brand that feature the legendary star. By delivering customised chiptuning files, we make every star shine as never before. Custom chiptuning is interesting for passenger cars as well as commercial vehicles. With Mercedes Sprinter and Mercedes Vito tuning we know for sure that we cover every segment within the Mercedes business market. Does the Smart Roadster belong here? It does if you want it to!


Why choose MyChipTuningfiles

  • 100% custom made tuning file guarantee;
  • Tested and developed on a Maha testbench;
  • Best possible performance and results, within the safety margins;
  • Decrease of fuel consumption.

Why remap a Mercedes?

As befits a genuine Mercedes, the strength of its quality, comfort and efficiency is at the forefront concerning the development of our remap files. We let your Mercedes perform on a level that they are not even aware of in Stuttgart - or at any rate they don't put apply this themselves. After all, the builders have to take much more into account than just you as a customer. Whereas we, on the other hand, focus on just one person and one car at a time.

Do you want more performance power? Seems a matter of course to us. But if you want to convert that extra power into faster acceleration and/or higher top speed, it takes a bit more than that. Not to mention if you also want to combine it with lower fuel consumption and emissions. By remapping the ECU down to the last decimal point, anything is possible. We make your Mercedes more efficient than ever by optimising the engine management system.


Chiptuning detects and fixes engine malfunctions

This HP tactic works very smoothly, especially if the torque is also increased considerably. After all, more tractive force at the lower rev range means that the engine responds more smoothly. What is also extremely reassuring is the fact that chiptuning is often used to make engines more reliable. This means that the software helps to fix any faults and other problems that occur, by detecting and deciphering the error codes in the engine management system.


Chiptuning facilitates Mercedes-Benz leasing

Who doesn't dream of leasing a Mercedes? With a Mercedes-Benz as a lease car, you make a real statement: that you are the boss. On the road in any case. But what fellow road users don't know is that the awesome power of your tuned Mercedes might be moderately priced. Moreover, it may even make money if the chiptuned Mercedes engine is configured and used in such a way that it runs more economically. Who's the boss here now?


Chiptuning files of Mercedes quality

MyChiptuningfiles supplies the Mercedes amongst the chiptuning software. The first-class quality of our files is reflected in a lifetime warranty. And a guarantee of lots of driving pleasure. Stalling on acceleration, engine damage and malfunction are not part of our vocabulary. Not in the short term and not in the long term.

The reason that MyChiptuningfiles is such a good match for Mercedes is that we consistently implement and demonstrate the promised level of quality in everything we do. You can see it in the knowledge, skills, certifications, materials and experience that we have in house. Thanks to the print-out of our professional power test bench your Mercedes quality is also in black and white.


The star under the chiptuning specialists

Do you want to be able to drive like a dream? Then make an appointment with one of our recognised Mercedes tuning specialists. Online, you can book a place at a garage near you within 5 minutes. Earn an extra star and get the most out of Mercedes technology, both in performance and efficiency, while saving thousands of euros on fuel!

Do you work in a garage and recognise similarities between our services and yours? Become a partner of MyChiptuningfiles and benefit immediately from the advantages of a broader target group and a large network of satisfied customers; the counter has now reached well over 19,000, spread across all brands and continents! You belong there too, don't you?


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About MyChiptuningfiles

We supply custom-made ECU tuning files for petrol and diesel engines. We do this in a reliable, affordable, effective and efficient way. Our tuning files are extensively tested to ensure that all our files are provided with the best quality and security. There's a reason why 95% of our tuning files are dyno-tested on our own dynamometer. With our chiptuning files, we provide the answer to the increasing need for optimization of engine technology. Our chiptuning files provide improved power and more economical fuel consumption for all petrol and diesel engines. This guarantees better performances, more torque at lower speed and most importantly: more driving pleasure!

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