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Want to get the most out of your Emgrand with chiptuning? Then you've come to the right place at MyChiptuningfiles! We are the number one specialist in optimizing all diesel and petrol engines. Our chiptuning files provide more power, torque and lower fuel consumption for your Emgrand. Our chiptuning files guarantee you not only drive faster, but also more economically. All our tuning files are extensively tested on our own dynamometer. This guarantees the best quality and safety, completely within the original safety margin. And the biggest advantage of chiptuning? An unparalleled driving experience, of course!

Interested in chiptuning your Emgrand at MyChiptuningfiles? Our team is ready to assist you!

Why choose MyChipTuningfiles

  • 100% custom made tuning file guarantee;
  • Tested and developed on a Maha testbench;
  • Best possible performance and results, within the safety margins;
  • Decrease of fuel consumption.

About MyChiptuningfiles

We supply custom-made ECU tuning files for petrol and diesel engines. We do this in a reliable, affordable, effective and efficient way. Our tuning files are extensively tested to ensure that all our files are provided with the best quality and security. There's a reason why 95% of our tuning files are dyno-tested on our own dynamometer. With our chiptuning files, we provide the answer to the increasing need for optimization of engine technology. Our chiptuning files provide improved power and more economical fuel consumption for all petrol and diesel engines. This guarantees better performances, more torque at lower speed and most importantly: more driving pleasure!

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