Anyone, anywhere can start with tuning

You can already start with a tool from €1.890,00 (Payment possible in 3 instalments)

Have you ever thought about starting with chiptuning? If you have a car garage we can also support you in solving the most daily problems. Think of EGR, particulate filter problems, remove error codes, start / stop problems, warm and cold start, adblue, NOx sensor problems and much more.

In terms of software you never have to send the vehicle away or outsource the work. We can guide you through this and take you step by step through the entire process so that you can do it all yourself. Whether you have much or little experience in the car industry does not matter. If you do have experience, this is ofcourse easy and you will pick up chiptuning faster.

Our company has a global network, but in collaboration with local service partners we work very specifically in the field of technologically developed ECU software, engine (re)mapping and chiptuning. Our team is enthusiastic, skilled and determined to get the best out of the engine from your customer: the heart of every car. Efficiency, strength and soul; it's in our DNA. And soon also in the cars that will leave your workshop.

Have you become interested and would you like more information? Leave your details below and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss everything further.

Ferramentas de tuning

Se você possui um carro, caminhão ou trator: temos o melhor equipamento e software para ajustar seu motor a gasolina e diesel. Com nossas ferramentas tuning é possível facilmente ler o software original do motor do seu veículo e carregá-lo em nosso site. E então cabe a nós fornecer arquivos de tuning personalizados e de alta qualidade. Curioso sobre a nossa variedade de ferramentas de tuning? Confira usando o botão abaixo!

Ver todas as ferramentas
Mais vendidos New Genius SLAVE TOOL


€ 500,00
Recomendado MyChiptuningfiles Flasher Tool (Autotuner)

MyChiptuningfiles Flasher Tool (Autotuner)

€ 2.900,00
Combideal Autotuner & Trasdata

Combideal Autotuner & Trasdata

€ 4.690,00

Requirements to start a chip tuning company :

1. A tuning tool (available in our webshop)
2. Laptop
3. Tuning files from MyChiptuningfiles
4. Customers with cars

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Start tuning You want to start with tuning?

A wide range of engine tuning

We provide Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 tuning. We know how to solve your Vmax, DTC, EGR and DPF problems, and can even help if you have trouble starting your car (common problems for Volkswagen, Skoda, SEAT, Audi, Bugatti, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, Man, Scania and Neoplan). We support all tools and checksum software. Let us know your requirements. We can help.

An expert team

We have an expert team of software developers with over ten years of experience of tuning cars, trucks, tractors and vans - and a worldwide network of engine management programmers. They work together to fine-tune ECUs for all types of cars, vans, trucks and tractors - to guarantee performance and fuel economy.

Ongoing research and development

We strive to improve our chip tuning files. We continually test improvements in power and torque by modifying the ECU mapping software and measuring the results using our 4WD dynamometer.

Great customer service

We provide personal contact and live technical support, rather than an automated system. We will help with any special requests and requirements you may have.

Custom-made Extensively Developed Tuning Files

MyChiptuningfiles is a specialist in tuning petrol and diesel engines for performance and fuel efficiency. We have the highest standards and can guarantee the effectiveness of our tuning files.
We have an expert team of software developers and a worldwide network of ECU programmers. They work together to fine tune ECUs for all types of cars, vans, trucks and tractors.
Our team custom edit each ECU tuning file, and then test it out on our advanced 4x4 dynamometer and on the road. This allows us to offer high-quality chip tuning files with an optimal mix of performance and fuel savings.
Every client has their own needs and expectations, so we tailor our files to your needs.

During our dyno testing, we monitor the powertrain elements and record important parameters in real time. Our diagnostic equipment lets us constantly recalibrate the turbo and fuel injection system values. In the process of fine-tuning our chip tuning files, we continuously control the fuel mixture, the turbo pressure, the inlet and outlet temperature, and the injection quantity and timing itself. We also measure the mechanical and thermal stress of the engine to make sure it will work within the safety margins of the original engine map.

Become a reseller of our high quality chip tuning files today and enjoy the benefits of our expertise!

Benefit from our expertise and experience, and become a dealer of our high-quality Chiptuning files!